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The workshop’s objective is to encourage kids to work with their own hands, and bring home what they make. Having a basic skill to build and fix things is the best skill one can benefit for their whole life. Kids are also encouraged to learn from mistake by finding solution. Skills and technicality will be developed with practice.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if the class I am going to register is still available?
You will be notified by the system if the class you are registering is full.
Do I have to bring anything for the workshop?
No. Everything will be provided.
Can the kids bring home what they build?
Yes of course!
Does this workshop involve dangerous wood cutting?
One of the main workshop objective is to teach them how to handle tools correctly and safely. They will have chance to experience the use of smaller hand saw, which is easier to control with supervision. Other than that, cordless drill is the only power tool involved.
What should I prepare for the workshop?
  • Comfortable clothes, short sleeves preferably.
  • Bring their own water bottle
  • Tie up long hair
Can I accompany my kid?
This workshop does not include adult's participation. It is to encourage kids to build with their own hands, at the same time build their confidence and learn to be independent. However you are welcome to take photos of their memorable moments. Please contact me if you have specific concerns.
Do you have waiting area for parents/guardians during the workshop?
Yes, you can wait at waiting area outside the class.
Do I get discount for group registration?
Yes, 10th kid is FREE from group registration.
Can you teach at my venue?
Yes, provided your venue fulfils the following criteria:
  • well lighted and ventilated space
  • sturdy worktop of 40cm x 80cm (or bigger) for each participant
  • basic first aid kit
  • ready to have loud knocking noise and some wood dust

What Parents Said

I really think that the art of woodworking is forgotten art that needs to be learned by our kids. Good job, Kevin.

Maximus Simus

My boys loved the workshop, as it gave them a very hands-on experience in building a bookshelf. They were also very happy as they were trusted to use the tools, something they probably never be able to use at home. With this workshop I can confidently say my boys will be more responsible in handling heavy duty tools and also feel a sense of accomplishment having done this project all by themselves.

Subashini Nair

This is a wonderful workshop and I highly recommend it. Kevin is patient and kind to the children. He is thoroughly prepared and gives each child his attention.

Sukhada Gokhale

My 7 years old boy learnt how to use the tools and he enjoyed his first wood class very much. When he came back home, he asked his daddy to let him try with the tools and stuff again. He wishes to build more things in the future. We can see that he is confident with the tools and the safety knowledge actually help him very much as well.


It is great to know that there is someone out there passionate enough to teach wood works to kids these days, allowing the kids to learn handy skills which has become almost obsolete in today's modern era. Charming initiative worth every parent's support!


Kevin is organised, friendly and patience with the kids. Edward was so happy with his own handmade wooden stool and crate. That sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is just priceless. He's definitely looking forward to making more wooden stuff now...

Elizabeth Wong

Kevin has been fantastic and patience in leading the kids.


What a great way to learn. Kids had a great experience!!

Elize Chong

My daughter, being a girl, thoroughly enjoyed herself during the class! I am happy that she gets to be hands-on to making something out of wood. I think it is a wonderful thing to be able make something from our own hands.


Kevin's great. He's so patient with the kids. My boys really enjoyed the project. I confess that I had my doubts whether the kids could finish the project in the allotted time, but they did!

Shen-Li Lee

A very useful skill for children. Great that they are teaching this to young kids to encourage them to make their own things.

Shireen S

Great atmosphere with a patient teacher, who took the kids under his wing making everyone feel welcome. A valuable lesson for the kids to use basic tools and how things are created. Would recommend to others and will come back for another session.

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